• Burns both hardwoods and softwoods without creosote issues.
  • Burns free fuel sources such as scrap wood, split 2X4's, off-cuts, blocks, cordwood, staves, branches, bamboo, and sticks of both hard and softwoods.
  • Optional Pellet Hopper burns on high for 12 hours on a single 40 pound bag of fuel pellets.
  • Burns fuel pellets and wood without electricity or moving parts, 100% gravity fed for maximum reliability and longevity. Not affected by power outages.
  • Easily gather any source of fuel with cheap and simple hand tools such as loppers instead of dangerous and gas consuming saws and back breaking splitting mauls.

Our Rocket Heaters are by far some of the best wood stoves on the market today. Its design is a direct descendant of rocket mass heating technology (see "Rocket Heaters History" above) and it shows!

It uses about one fourth the wood a typical wood stove uses and does so by burning tree limbs and large sticks, while being one of the cleanest burning wood stoves in existence. This high efficiency is accomplished by maximizing draft and the oxygen supply, effectively utilizing similar principles that large scale metallurgical blast forges use to create steel and other industrial product. Most conventional wood stoves limit the air supply as to reignite the gases later. This obsolete system is hard to maintain, overly complex and are less efficient than Rocket Stove technology. Our rocket heater uses a second principle of efficiency all other designs blatantly ignore, which is maximizing the thermodynamics of heat transfer. After all, a good clean burn is completely irrelevant if all the heat goes straight up the chimney and into the sky. Convection, conduction, and radiation (infrared) are the three ways heat transfers into a room. The heat is most efficiently transferred into the room by maximizing the volume of the stove which slows the gases to be exhausted, and maximizing the surface area of the stove the exhaust gases contact. This allows the internal gases to release as much thermal energy as possible.

The Liberator Rocket Heater creates a high draft, thus creating a 'forge' effect as mentioned earlier. With our unique design the cooler air escapes out the chimney, which is attached at the bottom of the stove, while leaving the hotter air at the top to release more of it's heat into the room. All this “thinking outside the box wood stove” engineering means that this Rocket Heater will often reach temperatures as high as 600 degrees Fahrenheit (315 degrees Celsius) in less than ten minutes from start. If you put seasoned hardwood in the heater, it can reach temperatures as high as 700 degrees Fahrenheit on the top plate yet the stove pipe remains well under 250 degrees. And it does this with nothing more than sticks, branches, scrap blocks, split 2x4's, and staves less than 2" inches in diameter. You can use this heater for a full hour or more without refueling if you use hardwood and around 45 minutes with branches and softwood. Starting a fire in the Liberator Rocket Heater takes no more than one minute with some practice, please refer to our user manual. With the Liberator Rocket Heater you're not just helping the environment and being more independent, your reducing the amount of time and energy spent in felling trees. If you're using fuel oil or propane, you know very well that you can't afford NOT to have this heater and even if you are using natural gas you simply can't beat free fuel that is readily available!


Shown Below is a video of an early prototype.

Shown Upper Left is a photo of our finalized version with flue pipe properly installed. T-connectors can be used in place of elbows to make cleaning and maintenance easier and more convenient.

Shown Lower Left is the heater's firebox while running.